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    Little Things Mean A Lot

    Written by: Dan Stevens February 5, 2010
    Pearl City was able to hold off a late Stockton rally with some clutch free-throws and timely rebounds to capture their 20th win of the season 41-34....
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    Bragging Rights

    Written by: Dan Stevens February 3, 2010
    When you watch a rivalry, records get thrown out the window. But in a physical, but hard fought contest, Lena-Winslow claimed bragging rights with a 5...
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    Worst To First

    Written by: Dan Stevens February 2, 2010
    With a victory over the Lena-Winslow Panthers, the Eastland Cougars nearly completed their dream season climbing from last year's cellar dweller, to c...
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    Dagger From The Sky

    Written by: Dan Stevens February 1, 2010
    After fighting back all night to catch East Dubuque when the Warriors looked untouchable early, a buzzer beating rainbow ended the Hornet's dream of a...
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    Dueling Duos Denied

    Written by: Dan Stevens January 30, 2010
    The battle between four of the region's top players never really took place as fouls dictated Friday's outcome between Eastland and Scales Mound....
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    It Ain't Over Til It's Over

    Written by: Dan Stevens January 28, 2010
    Eastland had lost, everybody knew it. But somehow, someway, the Cougars found a way to defy logic....
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    AJ Saves The Day

    Written by: Dan Stevens January 26, 2010
    AJ Emford's incredible save of a ball late in the game helped Lena-Winslow hang on in round one of the Route 73 Showdown....
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    Speed Kills

    Written by: Dan Stevens January 25, 2010
    In any basketball game teams have to worry about their offense and defense. But the River Ridge/Scales Mound Wildcats have thrown a new dimension into...
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    Le-Win A Little Less Ugly

    Written by: Dan Stevens January 21, 2010
    In a game where the shooting was colder than the temperature outdoors, the Lena-Winslow Panthers were able to play just a little better to pull out th...
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    Good Day + Bad Day = Big Win

    Written by: Dan Stevens January 18, 2010
    As well as Lena-Winslow played could only be surpassed by how badly Eastland did as the Panthers cruised to a shockingly easy conference victory on th...
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    Other News

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    Integrity For Sale?
    Corruption in college sports is no longer a surprise to many people. From the prostitutes used at Louisville to recruit players, to the cars, money an...

    Integrity For Sale?
    Part Two...

    Grain Facility Explosion

    Jo Daviess Fair 4H Champions

    Calling All Elizabeths

    Trick Or Treat Hours

    Have You Called In Yet?

    Top Story   Other Stories   Topics

    One Run Short
    River Ridge refused to go away against Sterling Newman...

    The End of a Dream
    East Dubuque finished the game on a 23-6 run to capture the Regional title over Pearl City, ending the Wolves' dream season....

    Boys' Post Season Results

    Girls Regionals

    Playoff Results

    Volleyball Regionals

    Week 8

    Top Story   Other Stories   Topics

    Panthers Foreigner Scores Big
    Lena-Winslow was cursed going into this year for a simple – but good reason – they had too much talent. Asa Lake had captured the Best Actor Award at ...

    Aquin's Questionable Murder
    OK, Ok, you see the headline and right away you think I didn’t like the show and am going to pan Aquin’s production of The Bold, the Young and the Mur...

    Freeport Dolls A Major Delight
    Freeport High School got away from their string of Disney Musicals and brought back one of the Broadway classics in Guys and Dolls over the weekend. A...

    Wildcats Stick One
    River Ridge stepped out of their comfort zone by choosing a show nobody in the area had tried yet with their production of ‘School Of Rock’ last weeke...

    EPC Diary Sends Powerful Message
    While we can all pray to never see a world conflict again, the message of hope in humanity in spite of horrible conditions was delivered effectively b...

    Dinner And A Speech (Or Two)

    Warren's Got Talent




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    The Power Of Pink

    Although they may co-op in the Spring and in Speech, Stockton and Warren are huge rivals in the fall and winter on football fields and the hardwood. But Thursday night in Stockton was something special as the two schools came decked out in Pink to battle togeth... Read More...

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